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( Provincial Competitive Advantage in the Region)

Date of Creation : September 11, 1953 (EO 512)

Land Area: 228.00 (Sq. Km.)
Population : 69,976 (as of 2015 PSA Census)
Number of Barangays : 15
Number of Sitios : 188

Papaya, Pineapple, Banana, Vegetables, Cut Flower, Bamboo,
Processed Fruits

Mt. Matutum, Linan Wildlife Sanctuary, Tuburan Mountain View Resort, Yolanda Golden Farm Resort, Sweet Waters resort, Blooming Petals, Kablon Farms, Tupi Fruit Park

Agten Tufi – September 11
Amyak Maleh (Araw ng Matutum) – March every year

Patronal Fiesta : October 2

(Source: PPDO, PGO-ACTM, SP-Library)

Tupi, best known for its vast plantation of flower, fruits and vegetables owes its fertile soil to the volcanic waste that eroded from the orifice of the majestic Mt. Matutum and offered a great enticement to investors particularly in the field of agriculture.
It is also blessed with rich resources such as pineapple, corn, banana, bamboo and has shown
ecotourism potentials.
Its mildly cool climate with an average of 23.94° Celsius is one of the town’s best assets.
Tupi’s major sites include the cut flower plantation located in Poblacion, Cebuano and Acmonan managed by Blooming Petals. The latter ships fresh flowers to Cebu and Manila. On the other hand, investment is owned and manages by Dole Philippines, Inc.
It also include the Tupi Fruit Park, strategically located along the National highway within Barangay Kablon and Polonuling that sells fruit produced from Tupi.
Another is the Miasong Vegetable Plantation, locatod in the east side of Mt. Matutum and frequently visited by researchers. Kablon Farms, a privately owned farm which practices multi-cropping system of high value crops and organic farming is frequently visited by students and researchers.
The products include processed fruits which have reach major markets in the country. It specialized in passion fruit juice, among others.

MUNICIPALITY OF TUPI “Fruit, Flower & Vegetable Basket of the Province”

Date of Creation: September 11, 1953 under E.O. No. 612
Land Area(sq. Km.) 228.0
Population: 57, 779 (2007 NSO Survey)
No. of Barangay: 15

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Resources & Potential

Fruits, vegetables, pineapple plantation, corn, bananas, bamboo, eco/tourism potential, watershed resources, spring.

Kasadyahan Festival

Kasadyahan, a street dancing competition coined from Visayan word “Kasadya.” It is a convergence of various ethnic and cultural dances featuring Tupi as the province’s flower, fruit and vegetable basket and a town where various cultures can be found.

Kariton Festival
October 1

Annual parade of animal-drawn carts (kariton) bedecked with vegetables, fruits and flowers.