Date of Creation : December 23, 1980 (BP 90)

Land Area : 109.04 (Sq. Km.)
Population : 40,947(as of 2015 PSA Census)
Number of Barangays : 10
Number of Sitios : 98


Hinublag – January 18

Patronal Fiesta: January 18

(Source: PPDO, PGO-ACTM,SP-Library)

Named as the rice bin of South Cotabato, Sto. Niño is a part of the vast expanse of the fertile plains of Allah Valley which stretches from the boundaries of Norala and Bagumbyan to Surallah.
It focuses in the construction of rural infrastructure and development administration funded from both local governments and foreign assistance. Among them is theconstruction and rehabilitation of Farm to Market Roads, drainage and construction of bridges all meant to improve the rice harvest of the town.
Sto. Niño’s land area is best suited for intensive agriculture. This comprises 94.95% of the total land area and is categorized as “good land”. Its slope ranges from 0 to 2 degrees or level/nearly level to gently sloping with slight soil limitations such as soil acidity and soil alkalinity. By soil type, it is classified as the sandy base type. On the whole, the land requires simple conservation management practices. The physical development of the municipality is paired with economic development with emphasis on agriculture. With the vision of uplifting economic society, livelihood projects were initiated through series of education, training, and seminars on modern farming techniques.
There are numerous rivers the traverse the municipality which also serves as the sources of water for the irrigation of different barangays.
Sto. Niño plays a major role in the province’s socio-economic endeavors.

MUNICIPALITY OF STO. NIÑO “Rice Production Center”

Date of Creation: December 23, 1980 under Batas Pambansa Blg. 249
Land Area(sq. Km.) 109.04,
Population: 38, 400 (2007 NSO Survey)
No. of Barangay: 10

Resources & Potential

Rice, livestock, rice mills, strawboard manufacturing potentials.

Hinublag Festival
January 18

Celebrating the municipality of Sto. Niño’s foundation anniversary with one of the highlights being the street dancing competition in honor of the municipality’s patron saint, Sto. Niño.