Date of Creation : March 10, 1953 (EO 572)

Land Area : 194.40 (Sq. Km.)
Population : 46,642 (as of 2015 PSA Census)
Number of Barangays : 14
Number of Sitios : 132


Kamayadan – March 10

Patronal Fiesta: December 8

(Source: PPDO, PGO-ACTM, SP-Library )

Norala is a major agricultural town with vast irrigated agricultural plains. Looking at both side of the highway, one cannot help the healthy rows of endless green fields. Norala is known as the “Rice Bowl” or the “Rice Granary” of the province of South Cotabato.
Aside from being a rice granary of the south. Norala is endowed with livestock and big rice mills and other post harvest facilities and with for straw board manufacturing and inland fishing.
Norala aims to develop an agricultural based sector guarantee continued sufficiency in grains, high value crops, inland fishing, livestock and poultry; the actualization of improved quality of life and welfare of the people; to make the socio-economic growth positively increase as a result of the development thrust with updated agricultural technologies as a basic strategy as top rice producing area in the Southern part of the Region.
With Norala as a symbol of abundance, the province will surely be blessed with economic prosperity and progress.

MUNICIPALITY OF NORALA “Rice Granary of South Cotabato”

Date of Creation: March 10 1953 under E.O. No. 572
Land Area (Sq. Km.) 194.40
Population: 44, 070 (2007 NSO Survey)
No. of Barangay: 14

Resources & Potential

Rice, corn, livestock, 8 big rice mills & other post harvest facilities, potential for strawboard manufacturing, inland fishing.

Kamayadan Festival
March 10

Coined from and Ilonggo term “mayad” which means “good,” the Kamayadan Festival depicts a celebration of thanksgiving for good harvest in the province’s rice granary.