(Provincial Competitive Advantage in the Region)

Date of Creation : November 11, 1982 (BP 249)

Land Area : 891.38 (Sq. Km.)
Population : 87,442 (as of 2015 PSA Census)
Number of Barangays : 19
Number of Sitios : 285

Corn, Tilapia, Palay, Abaca

Seven Falls, Zipline, T’Daan Kini Cold Spring, Divine Mercy Retreat House, Punta Isla Lake Resort, Mountain Log Resort, Mountain Lake Eco-Resort, Nadine’s Lake Resort, Sunrise Lake Resort, El Galong Water Park Resort, SIKAT, Merl Garden Resort, Lang Dulay Weaving Center, Lake Cruise, Brass Casting

Helobung – November 11

Patronal Fiesta: June 24

(Source: PPDO, PGO-ACTM, SP-Library)

The Summer and the Eco-Cultural Center of south Cotabato, Lake Sebu is blessed with marvelous natural scenic spots and wildlife resources with unique cultural communities, and is the major producer of tilapia, forest product ( bamboo, rattan) and abaca handicraft renowned as T’nalak. It is a reflection of the unique cultural identity and ethnicity of the province. It is further shown off during its Helobung Festival that showcases the different arts, culture, sports and other tribal activities of the T’bolis.
It is blessed with lakes Like lake Lahit, Lake sebu and Lake Seloton which are home to the T’bolis, a highland tribe that has its roots in South Cotabato. The Local tribesmen consider the lake not only a God-given food basket but also a miraculous body of water that never dries up. It is also the site of tourism destinations such as the Seven Falls which balances development with environmental preservation.
Nestled some 700 meters above sea level, this sleepy municipality is blessed not only by nature but also by culture, as the location for where the famed T’nalak is woven.
It is a wonderful tourist destination as thousands of visitors here and abroad considered it a must-see paradise because of its cool weather, its one-of-a-kind resorts, visiting its Lakes, waterfalls and natural sceneries. 

MUNICIPALITY OF LAKE SEBU ” Center for Eco/Cultural Tourism”

Date of Creation: November 11, 1982 under Batas Pambansa Blg. 249
Land Area (sq. Km.) 891.38
Population: 60, 401 (2007 NSO Survey)
No. of Barangay: 19

Resources & Potential

Eco/Cultural tourism (natural scenic spots, cultural communities) tilapia production, forest products (bam boo rattan), abaca handicraft (tinalak), proposed mini- hydro, wildlife resources

Helobung Festival
November 11

Every 9th to 11th of November the municipality of Lake Sebu, the summer capital and the eco-cultural center of South Cotabato celebrates its foundation anniversary reflecting the unique cultural identity and ethnicity of the province.

Lemlunay Festival (Sta. Cruz Mission School)

The Sta. Cruz Mission Schools Foundation, Inc. located in the municipality of Lake Sebu celebrates its festival every September with true fanfare.