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Flom’lok Festival

Flom’lok is taken from a B’laan word which means “hunting ground.” The people of Polomolok celebrate this by showcasing the local products and a mix of socio-cultural activities. Home to one of the world’s largest [...]

Kamayadan Festival

Go to Land of the Dreamweavers' Official FACEBOOK PAGE for Final Schedule Coined from an Ilonggo term “mayad” which means “good.”Kamayadan Festival depicts a celebration of thanksgiving for good harvest. The rice Granary of the [...]

Helobung Festival

Every 9th to 11th of November, the municipality of Lake Sebu, the summer capital and the eco-cultural center of South Cotabato celebrates its foundation anniversary reflecting the unique cultural identity and ethnicity of the province.

Kasadyahan Festival

Kasadyahan, a Street Dancing competition coined from Visayan word “Kasadya.” It is a convergence of various ethnic and cultural dances featuring Tupi as the province’s flower, fruit and vegetable basket and a town where various [...]

Linggo ng Matutum

A week-long festivity every March 13 to 20 of each year in celebration of the declaration of Mt. Matutum as protected landscape: highlighting “AmyakMaleh,” a climb and plant mountaineering activities and the Mindanao wide “AmyakMaleh [...]

Kariton Festival

Annual parade of animal-drawn carts (kariton) bedecked with vegetables, fruits and flowers. Held every October and is being sponsored by the barangay Poblacion.

Kulitangtang Festival

Taken from the word “Kulitangtangan,” the ringing of a bell when there is a gathering, the municipality is known for its clay pots and ceramics made by local artisans and craftsmen. Tantangan celebrates its foundation [...]

Seslong Festival

Go to Land of the Dreamweavers' Official FACEBOOK PAGE for Final Schedule This festival is a celebration that portrays the gathering of people to barter goods. The municipality of T’Boli showcases its unique ethnicity from [...]

Lum’Alay Festival

June 17 to 21 This is a commemoration of the municipality of Tampakan’s Foundation Anniversary. This festival is a celebration of good harvest of lubi (coconut), mais (corn) and palay (rice) which falls every 3rd [...]

Hinublag Festival

January 11 to 18 During this festival, the municipality of Sto. Nino celebrates its emancipation anniversary. This agriculturally blessed municipality is called the rice bin of the province. theHinublag Festival is held from Januray 11th [...]

Pasundayag Festival

Go to Land of the Dreamweavers' Official FACEBOOK PAGE for Final Schedule Last week of February to First week of March Pasundayag, an Ilonggo term which means “show” or “a presentation” is a unique fiesta [...]

Lemlunay Festival

The Sta. Cruz Mission Schools Foundation, Inc. located in the municipality of Lake Sebu celebrates its festival every September with true cultural funfair.

T’nalak Festival

The T’nalak is an intricately woven tapestry of intense and striking colors. The hues of intertwined abaca fabric depict the vivid spirit of the people whom this unique and artistic weaving has invariably come to [...]