Date of Creation (Settlement District) : March 4, 1941
Date of Creation (Municipality) : September 11, 1953 (PP 812)

Land Area :240.35 (Sq. Km.)
Population : 83,989 (as of 2015 PSA Census)
Number of Barangays : 22
Number of Sitios : 222

Cassava, Corn

Fortune Field Resort, Lorenzana Abrenica Resort, Blue Haven Resort, Phil Florencia Resort, Olives Resort, Armando’s Resort

Pasundayag – March 14

Patronal Fiesta: November 27

(Source: PPDO, PGO-ACTM,SP-Library)

Situated at the northwest of the province of South Cotabato is a peaceful and quiet residential and agricultural town 13 kilometers from Koronadal known as Banga.
It is the leading corn producer in the province and has made extraordinary achievements in terms of producing corn husk products for the local market.
It is also blessed with rich resources such as livestock and rice and has shown potential for mango. Pineapple and banana production while endowed with big rice mills, metal craft potentials, places suited for inland fishing and some residential development.
Banga works under the slogan “Cooperative Efforts towards Peace and Progress” and its is targeting to rapidly lift its economy to the highest level.
Banga strives to sustaining self-sufficiency and increasing agricultural production. It currently aims for the diversification and intensification of traditional agricultural practices, advocacy of food sufficiency method such as vegetable and fruit planting, poultry and livestock development within family farms, intensification on agricultural nurseries for a high yielding variety of crops, strengthening of information dissemination of appropriate technology to all farmers in the Barangay’s by providing effective seminars, workshop and training in proper management of farmer’s cooperative.

MUNICIPALITY BANGA “Corn Production Center”

Date of Creation: September 11, 1953 under E.O. No. 612
Land Area (Sq. Km.) 240.35
Population: 73, 355 (2007 NSO Survey)
No. of Barangay: 22

Resources & Potential

Corn, livestock, rice mango production potential, pine- apple, bananas, big rice mills, metal craft, inland fishing residential development.

Pasundayag Festival
March 4

Pasundayag, an Ilonggo term which means “show” or “presentation” is a unique fiesta celebration which showcases the municipality’s local talents in a week-long celebration of good life and thanksgiving of the people of Banga.